Top 5 Nursing Shoes for Style and Comfort

There may be a lot of other ways to earn your living but one of the professions that deserve more appreciation is that of the medical profession. It is a noble profession that entails a lot of time, work and passion. You spend your time caring for others and helping them through what might be the worst time of their lives. That being said, every medical professional needs to be in a comfortable outfit in order to work better. Part of the most important things to consider is their shoes.


The Clinic brand of nursing shoes has been around for many moons. They come in classic styles, provide support in all the right places, and reviews on these shoes are regularly all but perfect. The nice thing about reviews and the internet is other people in your field can let you know what to look for, and they have been saying good things about Clinic for years.

bNurse Mates are another brand that many medical professionals report are high quality, and very comfortable shoes. They manufacture clogs, slip-ons, loafers as well as a walking type of shoe, amongst others. Those are some of the most popular designs, and they are widely available online and in uniform stores as well.

Smitten is a company that makes scrubs for medical professionals, and they also make nursing clogs. Some of their styles are quite fashionably designed, yet very functional.


Dansko, one of the main go-to manufacturers of clogs for the medical profession, has been making these shoes for quite a while as they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. They make a wide array of colorful nursing shoes in very smart styles. In fact, Dansko is one of the companies that although they have long manufactured for the medical profession, they are sort of a cross-over company in that non-medical professionals buy their shoes.


Sanita rounds out the list of the best manufacturer of high quality, stylish and comfortable nursing shoes. They make a stylish clog that can be found on the feet of medical professionals across the country. All of the nursing shoe manufacturers mentioned here all make excellent shoes for medical professionals, and Sanita nicely rounds out this list.

Moving onto bags, medical professionals often times work very long shifts, and they also are not always able to go home at the end of their shift. Others sometimes work 12 hours per day for 3 days, so they go to work prepared, carrying what they need for a lengthy shift. Not all hospitals or healthcare settings have lockers for all of their medical professionals, so they also have to carry some personal items, and maybe even extra clothing. These are some of the reasons many will carry a bag, and the bag of choice amongst several medical professionals is the messenger bag.

The Best Deserve the Best

Medical professionals who spend their time saving others lives and supporting them when they are at their most vulnerable, deserve a good pair of shoes to get them through their day, and a great bag that allows them enough room to bring a few comforts from home on those long shifts. They deserve a lot more in fact, but comfortable shoes and a good bag are a great start!

The brands listed above don’t only offer shoes for medical professions. They also have shoe designs for women that is comfortable for walking. You can also check out more walking shoes for men if you’re looking around for comfortable shoes. Popular lists of the best walking shoes for men and women can be found at and