Unique Bags for Demanding Women

chicnova giveaway0It’s very important for any woman to have the right bag for the outfit and the occasion. A woman usually looks for one of a kind item, especially in bags and shoes, because this is what sets them apart from the competition. You can spend a lot of time looking for that perfect pair of shoes that matches your purse, or for the bag to go with your shoes.

However, there are different kinds of shoes fit for different occasions, and each of them goes with a different bag. Designers and manufacturers have taken this into consideration, and you will have plenty of options to choose from when you go shopping for this kind of apparel.

The Cloth Purse

LSE0098-11This is a purse that is mostly used during the warm season, as it’s light and colorful. If you are joyful and you love colors, it’s the best accessory that you can have for your summer outfit. You will find plenty of colorful cloth purses, decorated with flower patterns, ladybugs or other imprints. This kind of purse goes best with sandals or sports wear, as it’s harder to match it with pumps. You can also choose flats, as these suit any woman.

The Monogrammed Handbag

Givenchy-Pearl-Grey-with-Metal-Hardware-Antigona-Medium-BagThis is usually made from soft leather and it can have embossed on it different names or initials. It is stylish enough so that you are able to match it with almost any kind of shoe – from sandals to flats, pumps or even high heels. There are plenty of colors available and so is the message that is embossed on it. Some manufacturers offer you the possibility to customize your handbag, embossing on it the letters or the name that you want.

The Photo Purse

This is exactly what the name says, as you usually find something printed on the purse – an animal, a landscape, a city – something that sets you apart from the crowd. As this is a colorful purse, it’s suited for summer, but you can also use it during the cold season for a color splash. It usually goes with sneakers, flats or sandals, as these will not catch the eyes like the purse will do.

The Custom Made Purse

IMG_4262This is a completely new level for purses, as you can have anything you want. The custom-made purses are usually done in leather, which is a stylish, resistant material. Colorful or plain, the custom-made leather purse will never go out of style, especially if it is black, brown or navy blue. Simply take a photo of a purse that you like and go with it to a manufacturer. In just a few days you will receive the purse of your dreams.

The thing is that this kind of purse can be matched with office outfits or clothes that are more stylish, fitting them with flats or high heels. These can also be used during the cold season, but only with boots that have heels.

The Cigar Box Pursebaumm2

This is something newer on the market, and more and more women are asking for it. This purse is made from real wooden cigar boxes, fitted with clasps and handles. The catch with this kind of purse is that you can have it embossed with any photo that you like – its 1313832_1370026317shape allows for it. You can have on it whatever you want – abstract designs, or something alluring like the photo of a star like Marlin Monroe – one of the most beautiful women.

You will be able to find even unique purses, decorated with special designs like labels from French perfumes or Cognac labels. It won’t matter what kind of image you have on the purse, because this is an fashion statement. You can use it with almost any kind of shoes, but avoid using sport shoes as it won’t fit.